Pilates, Yoga and our own unique “PIYOMA Fusions”



Pilates is a physical exercise system that was designed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. It is low impact, safe and effective and works on the body by loosening, lengthening, strengthening and sculpting.

This makes Pilates an ideal exercise for individuals of all ages, those who are injured, those who are finding exercise or mobility difficult, during pregnancy and after the birth, or just to improve core strength, sports performance or as part of a weight loss or weight maintenance program so that’s everyone !!!

I have worked with many chronic and acute, conditions and ailments, with great success using a mixture of pilates, yoga style stretches, nutritional and energy healing to reduce symptoms and re-balance the body (see who we can treat).



I am so proud to be now offering the beautifully soothing, fun yet effective Yoga4health sessions as part of my current service provision.  This will now help even more individuals lead fuller, happier and more energy filled lives.  Yoga has been around for centuries and has been proven to have massive benefits not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

What makes Yoga4health unique is that it allows eastern knowledge and practices to be taught in a more western format, allowing each individual to take from it what they need whether that’s just a physical workout, a rehabilitation programme for an injury or illness or a more deeply spiritual experience.

Each session always finishes with a beautiful relaxation something we all need to do more of in this busy hectic lifestyle we lead!

Enjoy the bliss of a physical practice that has enough repetition and slowness of tempo that makes it easy to follow, but where there’s absolutely no chance of boredom as each time we arrive on our mat there’s always something new whether it’s a pranayama or breathing practice, a new mudra or hand gesture, or a simple yet effective meditation focus. The sessions are an hour long so suitable for those wishing to fit it into a hectic lifestyle or for those who find more than an hour fatiguing.

Or why not try our PIYOMA Fusions packages which are our unique life transforming sessions that include a beautiful fusion of Pilates, Yoga4Health, Mudras and Affirmations to truly link body and mind and quickly get the results you want and deserve!

For further information or more specific advice contact me on 07747 037307 or email Lisa@startlovingyourself.co.uk