Mindfulness  has become more popular and prevalent in recent years as it provides an easy yet effective  way to enhance the  mental and physical wellbeing  of both children and adults .  Research has proven that the benefits of mindfulness include :

Improving thinking skills – Better Memory, Quicker reaction times, better mental stamina, enhanced intuition, better focus and concentration

Improving Health & Wellbeing – Reduced levels of pain, Reduced level of anxiety and stress, resistance to fatigue, a better immune system

Increased Self-awareness & Life skills – Better self- knowledge, better mastery of emotions and behaviour, better communication, increased empathy.

Increased happiness – Improved Self- esteem, greater self- confidence,  increased enjoyment whilst working, release of full potential

 I offer  Mindfulness programs for children of all ages as well as adults and the young at heart! .  Many people are unsure of the benefits of Mindfulness for children but we now know through  research that childhood stress leads to long term toxic stress the results of which is seen in adulthood . This video from Public Health Network Cymru  explains the effects of adverse childhood experiences  perfectly .

For primary aged children teaching Mindfulness is an absolute necessity if they are going to grow up with the resilience skills they need to blossom in life . I provide a  specialised mindfulness program for young children distinctly different from what I offer youths and adults to ensure its effectiveness and allow for their mental and emotional capacity . My Magical mindfulness and Movement Sessions  incorporate  a beautiful mixture of Yoga moves , Mindfulness games and activities as well as very simple breathing techniques. These activities alone bring massive benefits but when taught using my magical themes captures the child’s imagination ensuring an effective and fun filled session with activities they will want  to use  again in school and at home.

So whether you are a child, a youngster, adult or young at heart I have a Mindfulness Program that will cater for your needs


We now offer online sessions as well as increased Health and Safety measures for face to face interaction to reduce the impact and transfer of COVID -19.