My name is  Lisa Edgar ( previously Young ) and I am a Health and Wellbeing specialist based in Pontardawe, South Wales. I provide a wide range of alternative holistic therapies and services including  Reiki Master healing and Chakra balancing, Reiki Practitioner training courses,  personalised Pilates and Yoga sessions and classes, as well as holistic personal training health courses.


I  transform and empower my clients through the use of holistic healing techniques and personalised exercise plans. Whether you’re suffering from chronic aches, pains and ailments, or if you’re looking to transform your body and mind, I can definitely help you!


As well as offering personalised sessions and packages, Start Loving Yourself also caters for groups and organisations who are looking to bring health and wellbeing into their workplace.


Why do I offer these specific services?

“  Because they have transformed my life, seen me through Stress, Anxiety and Depression, IBS and backpain. These disciplines have helped me regain my energy, vitality and love of life following grief, traumas and abuse. I have used these techniques to help thousands of clients overcome long term ailments, joint issues, back pain, PTSD and S.A.D. disorders  “

For more information on how I can help you please contact me.