Workshops & Courses

Start Loving yourself offers a variety of courses for individuals, small groups and businesses. These courses include:


A Mindfulness workshop for children incorporating  a beautiful mixture of Yoga moves , Mindfulness games and activities as well as very simple breathing techniques. These activities alone bring massive benefits but when taught using  magical themes captures the child’s imagination ensuring an effective and fun filled session with activities they will want  to use  again in school and at  home.

EQUILIBRIUM – An 8 hour  Stress Busting workshop that explains the 4 main systems in which stress builds and then identifies easy take home strategies to clear each of  these systems to bring Body, Mind and Soul back into balance.  The course can be run as a weekly program or split into 2/3 sessions.

EQUILIBRIUM in the Menopause –  An 8 hour workshop examining the effects of the menopause, its symptoms and lifestyle and nutritional  exacerbators, and then some beautiful natural solutions to support body and mind through this transition period into your true strength, power and essence as a female.  The course includes both theoretical teaching and practical exercises that participants can take away and use as they require ensuring maximum benefit long term.  This course can be run as a weekly program or split into 2/3 sessions.

WORK BASED HEALTH –  Bespoke work based health courses available to keep your workforce tip top and raring to go.  If you are finding that targets appear to be running away from you, sickness levels aren’t quite what they should be or even if you’re noticing an air of apathy in the office then this workshop is for you!  The courses aim to improve not only the body, mind and nutritional input of your workforce but also their current work methods, lifestyles & its impacts for their health ensuring that every cog in your office wheel works to perfection ensuring a happier, healthier more productive team and as such a better work output.

Reiki I & II Courses – We offer regular Reiki I & II practitioner courses at our practice in Pontardawe, Swansea.  Courses are typically run over 1 day on site training with participants  continuing their learning via prescribed training hours, case studies and additional off site learning hours.

The word Reiki means UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY and was rediscovered and redeveloped by Dr Mikao Usui who was a Japanese Theologian.  It is used to heal physical, mental and emotional imbalances using non invasive hands on techniques.

Reiki I introduces the power healing symbol to help students soothe not only their own bodies and mindsets but also those of their families, friends and even their pets.  The course covers the history of Reiki and how it works, invaluable grounding and protection techniques, knowledge of the chakra system and the aura, as well as self healing and chakra rebalancing techniques for others.  A period of 21 days of self healing is required after the course allowing for the recipient to integrate the new energy and gain the most benefit from the energy changes taking place in their bodies.

Reiki II builds upon the knowledge and practical experience gained at Reiki 1 introduces the mental and emotional healing symbol as well as the distance healing symbol and its many uses.  The Course teaches more advanced techniques of healing allowing for the participant to use their hands, breathe and even their eyes to heal and examines the use of specific techniques to help recipients remove bad habits ( over eating, poor anger management, etc), deal with OCD and panic attacks as well as cleansing techniques.  Following the course a period of 21 days is needed of self healing to integrate this new energy as well as undertaking a prescribed number of hours healing, the completion of case studies and an additional number of hours of off site  learning.

All the above courses come complete with learning materials, manuals, ongoing support and advice and can be delivered at a venue of your choice or you can join in one of our designated courses

For Further details contact Lisa  on 07747 037307 or email