Have a look and see what some of my current and past clients have had to say:

“What an amazing experience. Thank you Lisa you really have worked wonders. You are an inspiration and certainly left me walking away feeling more relaxed than I have felt for a very long time.”  – Rayner Davies

“Lisa is an outstanding personal trainer and sports therapist. I fully recommend her services.” – Robert Clarke Pristine Painting and Decorating

“Having regular sessions with Lisa have seen tremendous improvements in my mobility and enabled me to achieve sustained conecentration at work despite having had a major injury some years ago which resulted in sciatica and spondylosis. Her approach is always prefessional and gives you confidence at every stage of the treatment processes. I regularly have Pilates 1:1 sessions, Reiki and Massage with Start loving yourself and I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is suffering from muscle pian or joint mobility as she is a tremendous tonic ! ”                                                              –Geoff Lewis, Distinct Financial Solutions

“I would highly recommend Reiki with Lisa to anyone. She has worked wonders with my long term back injury and also recommended how I can approach things in the future mentally and physically to prevent future issues.” –Paul Beckett

“I recently completed my Reiki I & II courses with Lisa. They were beautiful, educational, magical and emotional experiences. Lisa is friendly, knowledgeable and kind. Her lecturing experience shines as she holds the attention of each student while making you feel so comfortable. Her therapy room has a lovely vibe and Lisa was especially accommodating of my dsiabilities ensuring that I felt comfortable at all times. I highly recommend Lisa’s Reiki courses to anyone. Whether you want to heal yourself or learn how to heal others its amazing and excellent value for money. 10/10”       –Melissa Jones Manning