Pilates is a physical exercise system that was designed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. It is  low impact, safe and effective and works on the body by

  • loosening
  • lengthening
  • strengthening and sculpting

This makes Pilates an ideal exercise for individuals of all ages, those who are injured, those who are finding exercise or mobility difficult, during pregnancy and after the birth, or just to improve core strength, sports performance or as part of a weight loss or weight maintenance  program…..so thats everyone !!!

I have worked with many chronic and acute, conditions and ailments, with great success using a mixture of pilates, yoga style stretches, nutritional and energy healing to reduce symptoms and rebalance the body . (see who we can treat)

Our PEP packages are absolutely life transforming and include a beautiful  mix of Pilates fusion , Energy healing and Positive mindset strategies.

For further information or more specific advice contact me on 07747 037307 or email Lisa@startlovingyourself.co.uk