Reiki Healing & Medicinal Energy Healing

Do you suffer from constant pain or reoccurring physical issues or injuries?
Do you find that you constantly attract poor emotional relationships, bullying or are struggling with family relationships?
Do you struggle with anger management, weight control , eating issues?
Then Reiki and Medicinal Energy therapy can help …..

What is  Reiki & Medicinal Energy therapy ?

Reiki and Medicinal Energy Healing have been used by our ancestors  for centuries   and are used to not only alleviate the symptoms of the disease , soothing pain and discomfort but also to release the cause and rebalance the individuals physical, mental , emotional and energy systems.

Our physical body is alive due to the life force flowing through it . Any issue that is presented in the physical form will first have manifested and developed in our energy field.  Reiki and medicinal energy healing techniques work on the energy field or aura to help clear the energy field and the negative patterns that are causing the  “dis-ease” in the body thus producing an environment where the body can naturally  restore its own balance.

It is a non invasive therapy that uses simple hands on and off the body , whilst the clients  relax fully clothed on the therapy bed . The sessions usually last approximately 1 hr ( but longer can be booked if we feel that is more appropriate for your specific circumstances). All sessions are held in our Therapy rooms in Pontardawe in a warm, welcoming  environment to allow the client to fully relax and absorb the full effect of the treatment . Reiki can be used alongside or instead of prescription medication and has no nasty side effects. The benefits of Reiki are both immediate and long term , the client usually feels instantly calmer and after just a few treatments sees some massive differences not only in their health but in their life in general .

For more information or to book a free telephone consultation with me  to discuss how I can help you personally please contact me.