Reiki Healing Practitioner Courses Levels I & II

REIKI I,II, courses- We offer regular Reiki I & II practitioner courses at our practice in Pontardawe, Swansea. Courses are typically run over 1 day  with participants continuing their learning via prescribed training hours , case studies and additional off site learning hours .

The word Reiki means UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY and was   re-discovered and re-developed by Dr Mikao Usui who was a Japanese Theologian. It is used to heal physical, mental and emotional imbalances using non invasive hands on techniques.

Reiki I introduces the power healing symbol to help students soothe not only their own bodies and mindsets but also those of their families, friends and even their pets. The course covers the history of Reiki and how it works , invaluable grounding and protection techniques, knowledge of the chakra system and the aura, as well as self healing and chakra rebalancing techniques for others. A period of 21 days of self healing is required after the course allowing for the recipient to integrate the new energy and gain the most benefit from the energy changes taking place in their bodies.

Reiki II builds upon the knowledge and practical experience gained at Reiki 1introduces the mental and emotional healing symbol as well as the distance healing symbol and its many uses. The Course teaches more advanced techniques of healing allowing for the participant to use their hands, breathe and even their eyes to heal and examines the use of specific techniques to help recipients remove bad habits ( over eating, poor anger management, etc), deal with OCD and panic attacks as well as cleansing techniques. Following the course a period of 21 days is needed of self healing to integrate this new energy as well as undertaking a prescribed number of hours healing, the completion of case studies and some prescribed additional hours off site learning .

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