For businesses

Calling all employers:

  • Healthy employees produce higher quality work: FACT!
  • Healthy employees are more productive within working hours: FACT!
  • Healthy employees have less time off work: FACT!
  • Healthy employees are less susceptible to work based stress and injury: FACT!

You can now bring health and well-being to your staff and reduce workplace muscle issues. For employees who sit at their desks for long periods muscle pain can be a major issue. This can have a huge effect on their physical and mental well-being. By helping your staff relieve this pain you get repaid through standard of work produced. Healthy and well-balanced staff will be more motivated and more productive in their time spent in work. Treat your staff and yourselves!

Organisations benefit from my interactive workshops, courses and workplace treatment sessions, with a happier, healthier workforce.

Programs can be tailored to your business needs and can be one off sessions, ranging from half to full day courses, or a 6 week course in which you can select one, or a mix of, my various services:  Wellness Profiles, Nutrition & hydration advice, Posture & work based exercises, Healthy lifestyle and exercise action plans, and stress control techniques.

Whatever your business, big or small, we have a package that will improve your staffs health, well-being and psychological outlook and in doing so take your productivity to the next level!

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