Relaxation Techniques and Stress Control Workshops

We live in such busy and unsettling times, it more important than ever to have a healthy body and mind! I can provide you with the techniques to not only shake away your stress but limit the effects it has on you.

Stress can invoke a wide range of problems – anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, poor self-esteem, low self-confidence and adrenal fatigue, to name just a few!

To help you  achieve better well-being and a more solid foundation in life thus reducing stress effects, I introduce a beautiful blend of techniques to help in your daily life including meditation, mindfulness ,CBT and NLP strategies as well as physical releases and nutritional first aid  to help harmonise  body, mind and soul.

I work with individuals of all ages from children , to adults, to the young at heart, as well as Community groups, Schools both comprehensive and Primary as well Hospitals and through Occupational Health in Work places.

I offer one-off sessions or a full workshop program. These workshops can be flexibly delivered….   half or full days, weekly or  spread out throughout the year allowing time to integrate new ways of thinking, new patterns of coping and expert coaching in dealing with day to day issues.

The workshops can be designed as bespoke courses tailored to group or individual needs or you can choose from our popular courses including

  • Equilibrium ( Introduction to Stress, how it builds and how to release it quickly and effectively .)
  • Equilibrium 2  ( A continuation form the 1st course looking not only at Stress but empowering techniques to release the true strength of each individual)
  • Equilibrium in the Menopause ( A course that helps identify why the body undergoes  changes  through the menopause, the symptoms and their causes, and  ways to soothe or remove them through more natural cures)

For more information on individual sessions or the workshops please contact me.