Exercise to Improve Health and Wellbeing

Your posture says a lot about how your body is working. The body is a very complex machine and is made up of not only the physical limbs but also a mixture of chemicals and emotions. Through looking at the body as a whole I can remove the underlying causes of constant fatigue, aches and pains orreoccurring injuries. If you are struggling with any of the above then our 3 step restorative plans are perfect for you!

1st Step: To select a one off session or a 10 week program dependent upon your condition and needs

2nd Step: What makes our plans so special is that we  carry out a full consultation to understand not just your issues and symptoms but also the cause. This consultation is very personalised  but usually involves

  •  a myriad of physical tests and the use of my vast knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical conditions
  • a full verbal consultation of trauma you may have experienced as an adult and as a child
  • the use of my intuitive  and  empathic skills to discover the missing pieces in your personalised jigsaw

I will then be able to put together a personalised restorative plan taking into account not only what is physically manifesting in the body but also any emotional or nutritional issues that may be exacerbating and preventing the body healing.

3rd Step: We will work together to set a complete body and mind personalised plan that could take place at home, work , in the gym or out in nature.

Watch your body transform, your ailments soothe and the true you emerge in front of your very own eyes!

For more information please contact me.