Exercise to Improve Health and Wellbeing

Your Physical posture doesn’t just make you look a certain way but has a massive impact on how  your organs , metabolism and  nervous systems work. So if your body is running like a clapped out fiat rather than a rolls Royce or top end sports car then its time for a body MOT!

The body is a  complex machine by looking at the body and how it actually moves and currently works  we can find the underlying causes of constant fatigue, aches and pains   reoccurring injuries and even chronic illness ( see who we can treat) .

If you are struggling with any of the above then our 3 step restorative plans are perfect for you!

Step 1: To select a one off session/ 10 week program dependent upon your condition/injury

Step 2: The Consultation which involves not only physical tests but also a full screening of previous health issues, traumas and injuries and current lifestyle and nutrition.

Step 3 : We  work together to set a complete body and mind personalised plan that could take place at home, work , in the gym or out in nature.

Watch your body transform, your ailments soothe and the best version of you appear !!!


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