Relax, relieve and rejuvenate the body with one of our deep tissue massages incorporating specialised release techniques specifically selected to restore your body to its natural revitalised state.

Massage can be a great technique and treatment to combat a range of different problems, from neck pain and shoulder pain, to hernia and arthritis, to sports injury,  workplace injuries and more!

Whatever you’re looking for I have you covered. The techniques I use in the massage will be tailored for you personally and the issue you are trying to resolve.

I also offer a sports massage treatment. This can be beneficial for everyone, not just those of an athletic persuasion.

This can be a pre or post activity. I can either help you overcome an injury and get you back to fighting fit or loosen up your body so you’re working it to it’s fullest potential! Sports massage can easily be integrated into any type of sports activity, as a pre or post sports event, for general sports maintenance or rehabilitation from a muscular or sports injury. Depending on what you need this could be a combination of deep tissue, , trigger points and muscle release techniques. What makes our massages extra special is we finish each with a mini Energy Therapy to not only seal in the benefits of the treatment but to also help the body avoid this issue in the future

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½ hour session: £30

1 hour session: £50

You can either book a one-off session or we can put together a course of treatments.