Relax, relieve and rejuvenate the body with one of our deep tissue massages incorporating specialised release techniques specifically selected to restore your body to its natural revitalised state.

Massage is a great hands on treatment  helping

  • soothe away aches and pains
  • reduce back, neck, shoulder and joint pain
  • help heal and soothe sports and workplace injuries
  •  reduce stress, anxiety and depression

Sports and body massages should be  integrated into all of our lifestyles …. we aren’t allowed to have our cars on the road without regular services and MOTs yet we expect our body to function daily at optimal efficiency often without any thought of  wear and tear !

We cater for those who just want a light massage to relax or those who require a deeper tissue release , and  we can cater for  pre or post sports events, general sports maintenance or rehabilitation from  injuries.

Prices      1 hour session: £40

  • a full body massage
  • a 1/2hr of back, neck and shoulder massage followed by physical release
  • a 1/2hr of back, neck and shoulder massage followed by reiki to soothe the body and mind

Deluxe package 1 1/2 hrs

  • full body massage and chakra rebalance £60

We happily accept one-off bookings or you can make best use of our expertise and we can organise a bespoke package to suit your specific needs .

For more information please contact me.